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A Journey Through Scenic Highways and Automotive Passion

The South Coast DreamDrive, an annual event that has captivated car enthusiasts and casual drivers alike, is a celebration of the open road, community spirit, and the timeless allure of classic and custom automobiles. Inspired by other legendary automotive events such as the Woodward Dream Cruise, Cruise the Coast, and the Hot Rod Power Tour, the South Coast

DreamDrive has carved its own niche along Ontario's Highway 3, showcasing the picturesque landscapes and the close proximity to the beautiful Lake Erie. Continue reading as we delve into the origins of the South Coast DreamDrive, its inspirations, and the unique charm of Highway 3.

The Genesis of the South Coast DreamDrive

The idea for the South Coast DreamDrive was born out of a passion for automobiles and a love for the scenic beauty of Southern Ontario. A group of local car enthusiasts, driven by their desire to create a community event that would bring people together and celebrate their shared love for cars, began to brainstorm ways to make their dream a reality. They looked to other successful automotive events for inspiration, seeking to create something unique yet familiar.


Woodward Dream Cruise

One of the most significant influences on the South Coast DreamDrive was the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Michigan. This event, which attracts over a million spectators and tens of thousands of classic cars, has become a staple in the car enthusiast calendar. The Woodward Dream Cruise is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, the diverse range of vehicles on display, and its strong sense of community. The organizers of the South Coast DreamDrive aspired to create a similar experience, one that would draw car lovers from far and wide to celebrate their passion in a beautiful setting.

Cruise the Coast

Another source of inspiration was the Cruise the Coast event, which takes place along the scenic highways of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Known for its breathtaking views and relaxed, friendly vibe, Cruise the Coast provided a model for combining the thrill of driving with the enjoyment of picturesque surroundings. The South Coast DreamDrive organizers recognized the potential for Highway 3 to offer a similar experience, with its rolling hills, lush farmlands, and stunning vistas of Lake Erie.

Hot Rod Power Tour

The Hot Rod Power Tour, a week-long journey that spans multiple states and features thousands of hot rods and custom cars, also served as a key influence. The Power Tour’s focus on the journey itself, rather than just the destination, resonated with the South Coast DreamDrive team. They wanted their event to be more than just a car show; they envisioned it as an adventure that participants would remember for years to come.


Highway 3, also known as the Talbot Trail, winds its way through Southern Ontario, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and historic charm. The route passes through quaint towns and vibrant communities, providing plenty of opportunities for participants to explore local attractions and enjoy the hospitality of the region. The proximity to Lake Erie adds another layer of appeal, with its sandy beaches, scenic waterfronts, and numerous recreational activities.

The decision to host the South Coast DreamDrive along Highway 3 was driven by several factors:

Highway 3 offers some of the most picturesque landscapes in Southern Ontario. From the rolling hills and lush farmlands to the stunning views of Lake Erie, the route provides a visual feast for participants. The changing scenery keeps the drive interesting and ensures that there is always something new to discover around every corner.

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